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The Fund has experienced impressive growth since it started operating due to the positive response as civil servants exercised their option to join the fund. Our vision is to provide excellent retirement services anchored on responsible investment through our empowered people. We strive to meet the demands of the membership. The fundamental of what we do is concentrating on our members and pensioners, which requires us to constantly and consistently meet their needs.


The Fund had 42,130 active members and 25, 253 retired pensioners and dependents as at 31 March 2020. It is fully administered in-house and financed through employer and employee contributions of 15% and 5% of basic monthly salary respectively.

Our Branches


Lubombo Shopping Mall

Tell: (+268) 23435713


FNB Building

Tell: (+268) 22079697


Estel House

Tell: (+268) 25057889


Eswatini Nation Provident Fund

Tell: (+268) 24373108

Assets of the Fund

The Investment Portfolio was E22 billion as at 31 March 2020 of which 49% of the portfolio was invested locally, in various sectors of the economy, and 51% externally i.e. South Africa and outside the Common Monetary Area. During the year, a total of E762 million was injected into the economy mainly in agriculture, hospitality, retail and public administration sectors to support the economy and create employment.