Abolition of Office

Subject to sub-regulation 12(4), if an office held by a member is abolished by way of re-organization or restructuring of the Service and the member is not offered a transfer or appointment to a similar position in the Public Service, the Minister may, in consultation with the Board, grant that member compulsory retirement benefit in accordance with regulation 8, notwithstanding, the member’s age and period of service. Notwithstanding regulation 7, if a member retires from the Public Service in consequence of the abolition of his office, he shall be granted an additional pension at the annual rate of one-one-hundred-and-eightieth of his pensionable emoluments for each year of his pensionable service.

The addition, together with the remainder of the member’s pension, shall not exceed the pension for which he would have been eligible if he had continued to hold the office held by him at the date of his retirement age applicable to him in terms of regulation 8, having received all increments for which he would have been eligible by that date.

If, on the abolition of the post held by the member, he is offered a transfer or appointment to a similar’ position in the Public Service but declines the transfer or appointment, he shall be treated as having separated from the fund and shall receive retirement benefits in accordance with regulation 7, 8, 9 or 10, as the case may be.