Funeral Benefit Scheme

The purpose of the scheme is to assist civil servants and pensioners by providing cash payment upon the death of a member of the Public Service Pensions Fund to supplement the funeral cost incurred by the family of the deceased member. A sum of E10 000 is paid within 48hrs of receipt of claim.

Eligibility to qualify for the funeral benefit, one must be:  

• Employed by the Eswatini Government

• Holding a permanent and pensionable office at the time of death.

• A pensioner under the Public Service Pension Fund (i.e. Retired Civil Servant at the time of death)

Important Note

It should be noted that the scheme covers the Principal Members only and does not cover a spouse, child, or any dependant.

Value of Benefit

A qualifying deceased member shall be entitled to a benefit to the total value of E10 000 and the benefit shall be payable to a nominated or designated relative.

Documents Required to Effect Payment of a Claim Before a claim can be processed:

• Letter from Employer confirming member’s death.

• Letter from bereaved family introducing nominee (claimant) to PSPF.

• ID of person(s) who signed letter from family.

• Death certificate (original or certified copy).

• ID of nominee/claimant.

Nominating a Beneficiary

A member shall be required to nominate one or more persons above the age of 21 years to whom the benefit shall be paid. The bereaved family shall nominate one relative to claim the benefit if the member died before making a nomination.

Effective Date

The Funeral benefit will be payable to deaths which occur on or after the 1st September 2013.