Disability Benefits

Officers injured or contracting disease in the discharge of their duties

This regulation shall apply to an officer who is injured in the actual discharge of his duty by some injury specifically attributed to the nature of his duty or contract a disease to which he is exposed by the nature of his duty: Provided that such injury or disease is not wholly or mainly due to, or seriously aggravated by, his own serious and culpable negligence or misconduct. If an officer to whom this regulation applies holds a pensionable office in which he has been confirmed he may (a) if his retirement is necessitated or materially accelerated by his injury he shall be entitled to pension under regulation 8 (b) if he was injured while in the Public Service of the Government of Eswatini, be granted, on retirement, an additional pension, at the annual rate of the proportion of his actual pensionable salary at the date of his injury appropriate in his case as shown in the following table:

Degree of Impairment Proportion
Slightly Impaired Five-Sixtieths
Impaired Ten-Sixtieths
Materially Impaired Fifteen-Sixtieths
Totally Destroyed Twenty-Sixtieths

Provided that the amount of the additional pension may be reduced to such an extent as the Board in consultation with the Minister, thinks reasonable where the injury is not the cause or the sole cause of his retirement.


Mandla retires early at 55 years, having worked for 25 years and his final salary is E110 000. His degree of disability is classified as impaired. His benefits would be computed as follows: Gratuity: 10/60 x E110 000 x 25 x 15 x 25% = E68,749.99. Monthly Annuity: 10/60 x E110 000.00 x 75% = E13, 749.99 per annum = E1, 145.83 per month. It should be noted that this benefit is in addition to the gratuity and monthly pension he will get from the forced medical retirement benefits.