Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is a statutory body that advices the Board on the investment of the Funds assets. It consists of the Chairman of the Board and four other persons appointed by the Minister in consultation with the Board for their expertise in investment matters. The term of office for the Committee is three (3) years. The Committee holds quarterly meetings to review investment performance reports and hold special meetings as circumstances require. The Committee deliberates on investments issues and makes recommendations to the Board for approval. The current membership of the Committee consists of:

  • Mr Z. Lukhele – Chairman,
  • Mr D. Ntshalintshali
  • Ms K. Dlamini,
  • Mr M. Ntshangase, and
  • Mr S. Dlamini

Mr Z. Lukhele
(Investment Committee Chairman)

Mr D. Ntshalintshali

Ms K. Dlamini

Mr M. Ntshangase

Mr S. Dlamini